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A plant-based lifestyle can take practice but luckily there are a lot of resources to use on your journey. Articles, evidence-based nutrition studies and current events in the world of plant-based eating changes daily. We try to provide solid research and evidence-based facts the help you make the best decisions for your healthy eating and meal planning. 

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Surrounding yourself with great information creates an environment for success. Here are some inspiring reads that need to be on your shelves, coffee table or bedside table.

Dr. Gregor – How Not to Die

Forks Over Knives Cookbook

The China Study Cookbook

and many more.

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Don’t know how to live a full plant-based life?

We have a workshop that takes you step by step through transition to a plant-based eating plan. From what foods to eat, and what foods not to eat to ways to prepare delicious meals, meal preparation, shopping tips, science based nutrition advise and more.

Sprouted Green Transformation Workshop

12 Full Weekly Modules will teach you how to transform your cooking, shopping and meal planning. All for just $96.
Less than $8.00 per week
World Coconut Day!

Studies and Science.

Evidence based nutrition scholarly articles and scientific studies.

Evidence-Based Nutrition Principles and Recommendations for the Treatment and Prevention of Diabetes and Related Complications

Website: READ MORE
Printable PDF: READ MORE

Dr. Esselstyns work is highlighted and examined by Dr. Gregor

Building a Healthy Vegetarian Meal Myths and Facts

Implementing Evidence-Based Nutrition Practice Guidelines for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Lebanon

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