Foods to eliminate in a plant-based diet

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  • Post published:March 10, 2020
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Plant-based foods to eliminate may mean cutting out foods you really enjoy now but as you follow the journey to health, your tastes will change and your body will feel better. Here are some  foods to eliminate first when starting a plant-based eating plan.

Food groups to limit. The real question is how much. Completely? Can you have a little? The choice is really ours. Whether you decide to adopt a partial plant-based lifestyle or jump off the deep end your health will be a direct reflection of the efforts you put into it. My suggestion would be if you want optimal health, you need to go for gold and hit the finish line as a complete plant-based eater.

Let’s talk about the foods we need to limit and some ways to either clean them up or do a complete elimination.

meat and poultry - Plant-based foods to eliminate
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Meat and Poultry

Meat and poultry are high in unhealthy saturated fat and cholesterol. If you need to continue to consume meat then you should be buying the cleanest form, grass fed, organic products out there and by all means no more than 3 ounces per meal. Once a week might be okay but you must start to wean yourself. Once you do you will find that your cravings for meat will diminish and the flavor will not even be the same so give it time and the love of the grilled steak will be a pleasant memory and not a current need. Complete elimination is the healthiest way to proceed. 

Fish and Seafood

Fish is a very high source of cholesterol and also contains industrial pollutants. Certain fish may be better choices than others like the darker oil laden fish contain higher amounts of Omega 3 and can also be lower in calories than meat. Fish is also a common alternative when dining out. The problem comes from not knowing where it was harvested. Most fish are farm raised and they say farm raised fish are injected with antibiotics and other pollutants. The ocean fish are also now being subjected to high amounts of toxins so how do you really know what is in the fish you’re eating? Do your research. Find a reputable fish monger, catch it yourself or abstain altogether. Whatever you do in this arena be knowledgeable and weigh your options so you are picking the healthiest products on the market.

Fish and Seafood - Plant-based foods to eliminate
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Eggs - Plant-based foods to eliminate
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The incredible edible egg. Incredible? Maybe not so much. Let’s consider what it is you are actually eating. One egg yolk contains more cholesterol than a double quarter pounder with cheese. A DOUBLE! The egg white is made up of 100% animal protein. Animal protein has many ill effects and so eggs may not be a very nutritious choice after all.

Processed Oils

Oil is made up of 100% fat. They are low in nutrients high in calories and most of the nutrients have been stripped away during processing. Swap these empty calories for more nutritious options live the olive itself.

Processed oils - Plant-based foods to eliminate
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Milk and Dairy 0 Plant-based foods to eliminate
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Dairy products

Diary is high in saturated fat and cholesterol. Whether whole or skim, all milk contain casein. Casein is a protein found in cow’s milk. Any other products made from cows’ milk would also contain casein. Studies are showing a direct link between casein and cows’ milk. Studies have also shown increased growth of cancer cells, like prostate cancer cells, when exposed to this protein.

Refined grains and sugar

Refined grains are just that – refined and are important foods to eliminate. They have been processed and ground and contain very little fiber and nutrients. Refined grains can now be used to make a whole host of processed foods. Add a little sugar and you have a donut; add egg and you have pasta add milk and some leavening and you have breads and cookies. All from a refined grain that no long offers any nutritional benefit. All these overly processed foods are leading to obesity, chronic disease, diabetes and other life-threatening health outcomes.

refined grains and added sugar - Plant-based foods to eliminates
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Dietary cholesterol is found in animal foods in conjunction with saturated fat. High cholesterol has a direct connection to high blood cholesterol and heart disease.

So what can you eat?